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Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing  - Lisa Gardner

The D. D. Warren series is another series I have avidly read for years. This case sees D. D. fighting a serious injury after her fall down stairs at a crime scene, or should I say a push. This one is exceedingly graphic, parts which I admit I skimmed. The story line was an interesting one, but this is where I felt a little let down. It was very plausible, serial killer, two sisters born of a serial killer father and where their lives had led, what effects they had from this birth. Interesting the whole nature against nurture debate. So I bought it until near the end where there were just too many things things that just were not believable. Also the ending seemed almost maudlin and I felt a bit let down there as well.



Despite these momentary lapses I still look forward to the next outing of D. D. Warren. She is such an amazing character and I want to see where and what case she next finds herself involved.