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Alena: A Novel - Rachel Pastan

Well I thought I would either love or hate this book, no middle ground, and I was wrong. I usually dislike current books made from classic and dislike when publishers trying to push a book will make those comparisons. In this case though, it is definitely the author who herself made the comparison with ""Last night I dreamed of Nauquasset again." No other way to take that. Rebecca it is.




Modern day, Cape Cod, Alena a curator at a private, small museum disappears. No one seems to know what happened to her. Our nameless heroine, so to speak takes the same position two years later after Alena had disappeared. Right from the get go everyone has something to say about Alena, compare to Alena, from office decorating to art work. So it goes.


Unfortunately this book had none of the Gothic feeling of the original nor even the suspense. It was, however, a good read on its own merits. If one loves art, the art history is very interesting, the personal relationships and the secrets people keep. So while it failed in some levels, it suceeded in others. A good read and would have been better without the high expectations of the comparison to a classic.