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The President is a sick man

The President Is a Sick Man: Wherein the Supposedly Virtuous Grover Cleveland Survives a Secret Surgery at Sea and Vilifies the Courageous Newspaperman Who Dared Expose the Truth - Matthew Algeo

What do Grover Cleveland and The Wizard of Oz have in common? This is the best type in non fiction, one that mixes facts, humor and informational tidbits into a wonderfully readable book. I have always read, what seems to be the same Presidents over and over again, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Washington, Jackson, Adams and Jefferson so this year I have decided to branch out. With that in mind I picked this one up and am so glad I did.


So many things I never knew, that the debate over the gold and silver standard almost resulted in another civil war. That this President had a reputation for his honesty, above all else, and yet had a secret cancer surgery aboard and yacht and kept it all secret from the public and his vice-president. A newsman who uncovered the story from a loose tongues doctor, had his reputation nearly ruined. The tow huge hurricane's that hit the East Coast, one destroying Coney Island and others houses, the other devastating the Gullahs, Sea Island, where many of them perished. So much more, and a little trivia and humor as well.


Felt I received a non partisan look at a time and a man that turned out to be the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms. Sometimes I think the US prospers, not because of their leaders but in spite of them.


I would recommend this book to any lover of history.