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Snowblind - Christopher Golden

There was just something so surreal,, reading this book by my front window, listening to the wind gusts and watching the snow fall and swirl around. Not blizzard conditions but close enough to make the timeliness of this read apropos.


A terrible blizzard impacted Coventry and many people disappeared or were taken. Jake saw his brother taken by an icy hand reaching through their opened window. Years later another storm is forecast for Conventry and those that lived through the last one are edgy and afraid of what this one will bring.


There are things in the storm that cannot be contained. Are they real, or exactly what are they? You see, things in the cold seek warmth and one never knows where they will appear next.


A good modern day ghost story. The middle of the book was not as good as the beginning and the end. There was suspense, and some good chills, a fascistic looking cover and it maybe just enough to make one look over their shoulder in a snow storm.

ARC from NetGalley.