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Apple Tree Yard

Apple Tree Yard - Louise Doughty

There is absolutely no doubt that Doughty is a talented writer, nor that this book is well written. I willingly followed where the author led, and in the beginning of the novel, alternately tried to understand Yvonne and at times even pitied her. In her fifties, having raised two children, one who has bi-polar disorder, a husband who she had forgiven for having his own affair, a career as a geneticist at which she is very successful, but she is willing to throw it all away over a sexual affair. Okay, maybe she is bored, wants to shake up her life, add some spice, yes I am still on board, I can understand this. Yet, somehow she goes from this, to this supposed affair that is basically sexual, to acting like this is the great love interest of her life. Manages to fool herself that he quite possible feels the same?



This is where I am beginning to not quite get on-board to wherever this novel is going. A smart successful woman, a crime, a cover-up, lies and this woman manages to fool herself the whole way. Is she innocent? How and why did this happen? I avidly read this train wreck of a woman's life to the very end. I did however, lose all sympathy and understanding of Yvonne, and that is the thing that is crucial to this story. If one can not continue to relate to Yvonne, find her understandable and likable despite the silly things she does, the story looses its oomph! That is what happened with me, that is why despite the wonderful writing in this book I could not really give it a higher rating.


Read it yourself and see what you think.