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The Golden Day

The Golden Day - Ursula Dubosarsky

This novel takes place in 1967, in Australia where eleven girls and their teacher and a man named Morgan take an impromptu field trip to a cave to see paintings supposedly done by the aborigines. Their girls come back, their teacher disappears. This book and its haunting tone drew me in, the eleven young girls would lose their young innocence that day. The tragedy of these events would color there lives in different ways.


Cubby is an inquisitive young girl, very impressionable and able to see and discern things that the other cannot. She believes her teacher is never coming back, a few of the girls believe she will return. Towards the end of the book, flour of the girls including Cubby are in a restaurant celebrating the end of their school days, when they see something they never thought to see again. But is it real? Are there any clues to what really happened to Miss Renshaw. Where did Morgan go? Is the story they are told at the end true?


The greatest draw and alternately the greatest set back in this novel is the ambiguity. The tone as I mentioned is haunting, almost dreamy. Very different book, written for a YA audience but I can really see it being a book read in a classroom, since there is no overt sex or drugs, just a haunting story of how a tragedy effected those involved. I admit, I am still pondering this one.


"And we all shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye."