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Inside these walls

Inside These Walls - Rebecca Coleman

I first read this author as a buddy read, one of my first buddy reads in fact, and the book we read was the author's first as well, The Kingdom of Childhood. It was a very controversial book about a taboo subject and I was amazed at how sensitively and brilliantly the author handled the subject matter. 


This is her third and once again she has taken a character that the reader should immediately disdain for the horrible acts she has participated in, willingly or not. Yet, somehow this doesn't happen, instead we meet a character who has made wrong decisions, regrets them and takes responsibility for them. Coleman uncovers the little things that lie underneath everyone's exterior. The mistakes people make, how one wrong decision and their whole life changes.t made me think back to my own past, how some of the things I did could have gone so wrong,. In this book Clare does something much worse than I ever did of course, but the author unveils exactly how she came to be in this position and maybe garners a little sympathy for the person she could have been, the person she was.


The ending I thought 

was the weakest part of the book, but despite that I really admire this author's talent.


ARC from NetGalley.