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In the Blood

In the Blood - Lisa Unger

There is absolutely no question that this author has gotten the recipe down for outstanding thrillers and mysteries. This one is no exception, twists and turns galore, a few I did not guess until just before the reveal. Interesting, actually very interesting and complex characters and a very unique setting which she has used before, "The Hollows."


Of course there is the little cynic in me that kept thinking this was an updated version of the novel and movie, "The Bad Seed" and had to laugh when near the end of the book, a newspaper heading, screams, "The Bad Seed." Also maybe a few too many psychopaths in one place, really makes one wonder how many are actually out there and how easily they manage to find each other. Scary.  Also the inner dialogues of Lane, while interesting at times,  almost bordered on preachy.


So despite my inner cynic, this quickly paced novel, kept me turning the pages to find out how this was all going to end.  Have to admit I loved it.


ARC from NetGalley.