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Archangel: Fiction - Andrea Barrett

Late 1800's and near the turn of the new century and scientific investigation and many inventions are at the forefront of this  novel of short stories. 


Loved the first story and twelve yr. old Constatine Boyd, who leaves his home to spend summers with his uncles. In 1908 the uncle he is sent to is in a village that has many investigators and inventors, experiments, first efforts at flight and many other things. What makes this story for me is Constatine's enthusiasm, he looks at everything with such a sense of wonder. The reason he spends summers with his uncles is also poignantly revealed. 


The second story I was not drawn into, but the other three were very good. Two of the stories included young women trying to convince people that they belong in the world of science, that they can have a place. The last story. the title story, I again loved because it ends as it started with Constatine. Of course he is grown up now. 


So science and character studies in a well written book. Really enjoy her writing.