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Sequestered in Harmony

Sequestered in Harmony - Alan McCracken

After the death of his wife, whom he had spent forty years with, Alan McCracken put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and wrote many sonnets and poems. These sonnets are a celebration of their life together, some poignant, many hopeful but all simply beautiful. Remembering the days they  had spent together, regret over her passing and all the feelings that he had put down for all to see. 


I loved this passage from a sonnet called, "Permanence."


"A timeless age in which grows timeless love,

Within whose vista there will always be,

Instilled from benevolent skies above,

A warm protection for love's constancy.

In the book of life, whatever the page,

Whatever the time, whatever the age.


I am not a big poetry reader, something I want to improve on in this new year and I think these were a very good place to start.  Truthfully I do not believe I have read any sonnets, since school and Shakespeare.