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The Peerless Four

The Peerless Four - Victoria Patterson

Our narrator for this story is now middle aged and forced to give up her athletic pursuits to become the chaperon to the four girls heading to the Olympics.  It is 1928 and this is the first time women are allowed to compete.


There is much that is good about this novel, reading about the horrible treatment these young women received in the press and in person. At this time many thought that it was very unwomenly to pursue any type  of sports unless it was dancing or ice skating. The high jump, the javelin and the metered races.were all taboo. These women were the first to break that barrier.


Also reading about their quest for a personal life coinciding with all their trainman. My  problem with this novel was the extremely slow pace and the narration which bordered on melancholy. Also I really did not like the girls, some of them acted like spoiled children when they did not get there way, just had a hard time relating to any of them. So this was good and not. Just wish the energy and the pacing of the book had been more fluid.