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The Biology of Luck

The Biology of Luck - Jacob M. Appel

Larry is the kind of guy that is easy to overlook, maybe a little nerdy, not very attractive the kind of guy that is often "just a friend." Starshine is in her twenties, bubbly, attractive and has had a multitude of different jobs, her problem, unlike Larry's, is too many men.

Things get complicated though when Larry stakes his entire life on winning Starshine, writing a book that he hopes will win her love. 


This novel alternates between chapters of the book, and Larry's quest through New York  on the day of his date with Starshine. This is where the dark humor comes in as Larry negotiates the city and its myriad of strange and thought provoking people, its neighborhoods and buildings.. What a wonderful tour of New York this was, and what a interesting literary love story. So different and fun to read. A smart story about relationships and the many strange facets they can take. Does the guy get the girl?

Will just have to read this for yourself to find out.