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Left: a novel

Left: A Novel - Tamar Ossowski

This one turned out to be a mixed bag for me. The voices of the two main narrators, 12 yr. old Matilda and 9 yr. old Franny were wonderful and engaging. Franny see numbers in her head, she is autistic. Though this is never actually stated and since the author has a son who is autistic, Frannys behavior was very real, her fears and needs related so that the reader could feel her vulnerability to various people, situations and stimuli.  I also admit to being hooked in the beginning by the girls and the situation they find themselves in and wanted to keep reading to find out what was going on, what was going to happen and what happened in the past that made this all necessary. 


Therese and Leah, the two main adults in the novel I had a harder time connecting to or even liking. Therese seemed to only care about her motives, she could have explained to her daughter what was going on, but did not. Secrets kept and lives filled with secrets rarely turn out well. Leah, though having a traumatic childhood, I had a very hard time understanding. The decisions she made I could understand short term but not long term. 

Plus the way these two women handled things just filled me with anger and sympathy for the two girls. 


As one can see the story is intriguing, the two young girls evoke sympathy and caring and the book is written in a somewhat different fashion that I enjoyed. 


ARC from publisher.