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The book of Ages

Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin - Jill Lepore

In a way I received more than I wanted from this book and less than I expected. So little is known about Ben Franklin's sister that the author had to use quite a bit of filler and off topic information. The whole history in England, of the beginnings of the family  and pf course how the family spread, how Franklin made so much of his self coming from so little. Much of this information was fascinating but at the same time not what I expected from this book. 


Did expect more information on Jane and really enjoyed the parts of this book that were about her. So sad that she never had her own room until she was in her sixties, she didn"t complain about that fact but did relish her own space when she was finally able to attain it.


Ben Franklin is one person in history I would have liked to have met. He was a singular and capable individual, more than capable and left him imprint in history. Nothing I read of this man could be considered a waste of time but the book could have been shorter considering so little of his sister is actually known.