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Still Life with Breadcrumbs

Still Life with Bread Crumbs - Anna Quindlen

First time I am seeing the cover and it is beautiful. Rebecca Winter, aged sixty, a photographer how became very well known with a grouping of pictures that give the book its title. She could be any woman or every woman, never expected to find herself trying to make ends meet, taking a less expensive cottage and renting out her expensive New York apartment.  Finding herself ,like so many of us at that age, sandwiched between two generations, that of her sons and her aged parents. 


This is a quiet and yet an empowering look at a woman who is now at the crossroads of her life. Quindan has such a knack for relating the little details that make a life, the emotions that swirl beneath the surface of everyday thoughts and actions.  Made this character so easy for me to identify with and feel compassion for as well.


Had to laugh at one part, where she is told a story about someone who collected snow globes and than forever after that is all she would receive for gifts. I had the same experience years ago when I started collecting snowmen, didn't really take to long before I hated the sight of the creatures. Now I say I collect bookmarks, these are useful and do not take up much space. Another part and I paraphrase, Rebecca says of life that we can live with the image others have of us, try to always stay within that image, or we can actually be the person we feel we are. Loved that thought. 


Things change fr her in a big way when she rents the cottage, so much so that she finds it hard to go back to the New York person she was. Could be she was not meant to and that she finally figured out who she was as a person. Loved this character. the other characters in the book and well really loved the whole story.


ARC from Librarything and the publisher.