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I shall be near to you

I Shall be Near to You - Erin Lindsay McCabe

Based on actual letters and reports from the more than 250 woman who fought disguised as men on both sides, during the Civil War.


Rosetta is a memorable character, she comes from a poor but hardworking family and Jeremiah is her one true love.They have hopes of moving to Nebraska and buying their own farm. The $150.00 sign up fee for joining is his motivation for joining up. For Rosetta

there are many other reasons.


In this novel we gain the female perspective on going to war, the hardships of war and we see Rosetta, now called Ross, becoming a much more capable and independent woman. 

We read about the hardtack and porkbelly, and than less and less provisions as the war continues. The  marching and the drills and than the closeness of the men, we see the blood and feel the terror, the horror of battle. 


This is a first novel that is very well done and of course it is always a big plus when a novel is written from actual historic events and sources.