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No Man's Land

No Man's Land: A Novel - Dương Thu Hương, Nina McPherson, Phan Huy Duong

Just realized I forgot to write the review for this one.
A story of culture, beliefs and a moral dilemma. What would I do in a circumstance such as this one? Well for one, it probably would never arise and the choice would be clear, but in this case, the war, family expectations and the culture itself made the choice for her. It was one she did not want at all and to us, it would never happen.


This book gave me much to think about and at times I felt sorry for all the characters. They are all in such an untenable situation it is hard to imagine how they all would survive. Loved reading about the culture and in fact am now reading another book by this author [book:Paradise of the Blind|53629]. She writes the roles of women very well.


My favorite part of this book was how she let the reader know exactly howMien feels about everything going on, everything that is expected of her. Torn between duty and love, how does one choose between them?