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The Melody of Secrets

The Melody of Secrets - Jeffrey Stepakoff

The late 1950's in Huntsville, Alabama, all the elite scientists, many of them from Germany, work hard to send a satellite into space.


There were moments of brilliance, in the descriptions, that reminded me of this author's first book, The Orchardist, which completely blew me away, but they were few and far between. I can't believe this is the same author.  The  story is okay, if one in able to suspend belief, and overlook many things that are in this story for little or nor reason. It is overly melodramatic and the prose leaves much to be desired, is just not alive enough to carry this off. The plot is formulaic, very few surprises and I was always one step ahead of the storyline.


This book was just okay and from the writer of "The Orchardist", I just expected better than just okay.