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The Land of Second Chances

Land of Second Chances: The Impossible Rise of Rwanda's Cycling Team - Tim Lewis

I just love the title of this book, everyone always roots for second chances and in the case of Rwanda even more so. The genocide that devastated their country is only a few decades in the past but Rwanda is using a sport, like Mandela did in South Africa, to unify his people and to further the progress that the country has already made. I found this fact very interesting, so many men were killed during the genocide that the country now has a Parliament where women hold the majority.


I learned so much about the history of this country, although at times I found the huge cast of characters somewhat confusing. In many South African countries, the youth look forward to earning their first bicycle, not their first car as in so many countries. Loved the stories in this book, but the history of cycling and how the bikes were made were only of secondary interest. Sometime I felt overwhelmed by all these details


One cannot help pulling and wishing the best for this country., Loved meeting Adrian and found his visit to America and its inherent culture shock very enlightening.  They still have a way to go as a country but they are certainly on the right path. I can only wish this beautiful country and its people good things, they deserve it and I applaud all the effort they put into defying the odds.