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The Outcasts

The Outcasts - Kathleen Kent

Extremely glad to see the reemergence of the Western novel and this novel embodies many of the features of the old westerns; a prostitute, a killer, a town where treasure is supposedly hidden and of course, lawmen. A chase, and a unpredictable ending make this a face paced and entertaining read.


Lucinda, never could quite figure out if I liked this character or not. Was she at all sympathetic, yes, I sympathized with her early life and her illness at a time when it was not at all understood. But never really figured out why she did some of the things she did. At times she seemed very intelligent and yet she made some very stupid choices. Well I guess that can happen to the best of us.


Did love the character of the lawman Nate though and all the characters were complex, much going on under the surface face they presented. Even the supporting characters were interesting and varied.

Kent sure does come up with some fascinating women for characters, whether they be witches or prostitutes, characterization is definitely this author's strength. From witchcraft to Westerns, wonder what this author will tackle next.