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Stones - Polly Johnson

There are not many things I claim to be an authority on or in but the high price that excess alcohol in a family  can cost, is one of them This is a Ya targeted book, a book about a young girl whose brother, an alcoholic has died, and the many changes to the family and herself that she has to work through. I understood so many of her thoughts and actions and became quite consumed by this book wondering how she was going to work everything out. I understood her bitterness, her lack of connection and many of the things she did. There was a back story, of young women being attacked that I felt was just there, not really explored, though by the end of the book I understood more why it was there. Loved that the ending is somewhat open, it just seemed right that it was open to interpretation and left room for hope. A thought provoking book, with a wonderful and searching young girl that the reader will find themselves rooting for.


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