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The Free

The Free: A Novel (P.S.) - Willy Vlautin

Lives of quiet desperation, all around us people have had their lives affected by the war, unemployment, the insurance mess and the many other things that haunt us all. This novel is about three such people, struggling on and just trying to stay afloat and make the best out of what they have left, just soldiering on and living their lives.


What a very touching and well written story. What stands out in this story is the kindness and compassion these people show when dealing with others. They have so little left, but they are not bitter, sure they want things to be better but they don't treat others any less than they themselves want to be treated. Yes, this book can be grim, but all these characters still have such a huge amount of hope that it makes one grateful for what they have, whether it is alot or a little.


I felt like I knew these characters and I admired their continuing efforts to stay true to what they believed in. The title "Free" came to mean different things to these characters. Wonderfully written book about ordinary people confronted by less than ordinary circumstances.

ARC from publisher.