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The Invisible Code

The Invisible Code: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery (Bryant & May, #10) - Christopher Fowler

So glad for the opportunity to once again enter the world of Bryant and Mays, two elderly detectives, much maligned for their unorthodox ways, particularly Bryant whose ways of thinking cannot easily be discerned, and the other members that make up the Peculiar Crime Division.


For once they find themselves in the position of trying to help the man who most often wants to shut them down, Oskar, their boss and main critic.  Fowler has mastered his craft, has come up with a winning combination of humor, aged detectives who are forced to operate in the modern world, much to Bryant;s continuous dismay, a wonderful story and quite a bit of history. The churches of London, St. Brides and others, the history of the various clubs throughout time and what they meant, Bedlam and some of the past treatments there and even a mention of rats and fleas and the notorious plague, as well as the existing class system.. 


His supporting staff is interesting as well, a white witch, a black witch, co-workers who are loners themselves and even a pregnant cat.  Wonderfully entertaining, very well done and in this case the PCU hasS a chance to help themselves and their unit once again regain an acknowledged position of power. Of course, things are never as simple as they appear and are so very often deceiving, are they not?


ARC from NetGalley.