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The Geese of Beaver Bog

The Geese of Beaver Bog - Bernd Heinrich

I first heard about this author from a few of my Goodread friends, they praised his writing and his treatment of  subject matter. It was not this book in particular, this book I found for myself being long fascinated by the many geese that fly over my house in the Fall.


Whoever, thought I would find geese so fascinating?  There is suspense, love, fighting, cheating on spouses or maybe better put, the replacement of spouses, heartbreak and the raising of families.. There is so much going on at this bog, with the geese but other birds and animals as well.


The author and his son raised a young goose called Pip. so much of this story concerns PIp's life with them and after she left them.   This author made me feel like I was with him, watching at the Bog, tracking a noting every little thing that went on. I found it admirable the amount of time he spent there but then again he is a naturalist and this is what he finds intriguing.  While I loved reading about all these things, this is not something I could do. I am glad, however, that there are people who can and then also have the ability to write about their experiences.