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Papal Bull

Papal Bull: An Ex-Catholic Calls Out the Catholic Church - Joe Wenke

I love the cover and i love the term "recovering Catholic" of which I believe I am one. I think any one who went to Catholic School in the fifties and sixties, no matter what state, probably had many of the same experiences that the author describes from his school years. I went to Catholic school in the middle sixties and I so agree with the author's contention that they instilled fear and guilt. There are probably many out there who had positive experiences, but than they probably would not be reading this book. To be fair, we had some wonderful nuns, that were kind and loved the little children, but there was just not enough of them to make a difference in the overall experience.


Parts of this book I found very amusing, such as the part about the now defunct Limbo and I am with the author in hoping that those who were sentenced to Purgatory for eating meat on Friday, have now been patrolled. After all, what was a sin is now no longer a sin. 


Of course one would have to have his head in the sand to not be aware of the many scandals affecting the Catholic Church and yes I find them inexcusable. Where I differ from the author is in my tone, my feelings, while I no longer consider myself part of this religion I by no means hate nor describe them with the vitriolic tone that the author uses. There is good and bad in every religion, a part does not make a whole. 


I do agree that Jesus gave us more free will, than the Catholic Church does and did.