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The Lost Girls of Rome

The Lost Girls of Rome - Donato Carrisi

Last year I was blown away by this author's novel, "The Whisperer", it was just that good.

This novel is different from the last in everything but the stellar writing and the suspenseful story line. 


A police photographers husband is found dead and Sandra finds herself in the middle of what will turn out to be a very strange and horrifying case. Four girls have been taken in Rome, three of the bodies found, the fourth still missing and she is thought to be still alive. 


There are actual three different story lines to follow, of course they all eventually converge. I read this as an ARC on my kindle, so there are not chapter breaks to tell the reader when it was a different thread taking over, though of course once one started reading it was easy enough to figure out. Just a bit confusing in the beginning when the author is setting the beginning stages of the plot. 


This is a book about a group called the penitenzieri, which are so to speak a group of priest-profilers and the Paenitentiaria, which is the archive of sins. The author actually wrote this book after meeting a priest who told her the story of this group. Amazing I wiki'd it and it does exist, I had never heard of it before.


Darkness and light, where evil exists in the shadows, people who are able to transform into someone else, taking over their lives. A unique way of revenge for wrongs done and a hunter, who is not whom he seems. Many twist and turns but this novel keeps the reader engaged, if at times frustrated, wondering what will be overturned next.  Another very good read from an author who is fast becoming one of my favorites.


ARC from NetGalley.