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This dark road to Mercy

This Dark Road to Mercy - Wiley Cash

Wiley Cash has the enviable knack of writing about siblings  needing to protect each other and he has created two sisters this time find themselves in that same situation. Just the protecting because Easter and her little sister Ruby, are not in danger from their father Wade, but from a man who is after Wade for revenge.


I liked this book, liked outspoken and incredibly wise for her years, Easter and loved little Ruby who looks on so many things with wonder. Loved the baseball talk and the love for the game evinced by all three.  I even liked Wade, who has made so many mistakes, royally messed up his life but I believe really loved his daughter.  Loved Brady, who was making the most of his life and wanted to do right by the girls. 


I never felt as close to the characters in this one as I did his last one. Writing from the view point of three characters interrupted the continuity of the story for me. Using that type of voice to tell a story is always a risk, working better in some books than others. In this one it served to keep me at a distance when I wanted to get closer, have a better understanding of these wonderful characters. Still it was a very good story, plenty of suspense, and a story of redemption for a few of the characters and the finding of a family for some others. One of the new authors whose books I will watch out for. Solid, suspenseful and surprising.