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Nutmeg - Maria Goodin

A charming and profound look at the relationship between a mother and daughter. Magical realism in all its glory, stories Meg's mother told her about her childhood, fanciful tales of sausages escaping and many other delightful tales of Meg's youth. For quite a while Meg ate these stories up, thought them true, told them to her friends until one day they laughed at her and called her a liar.


From then on the rational Meg took over, all silliness and flightiness banished for the  constrained and commonplace. Than her mother becomes very ill and once again mother and daughter must come together and try to heal their relationship. They do this through food, cooking, and of course the mystery of where the food is going, which is revealed at the end of the novel.


This was a first novel and I enjoyed the way the author used her imagination to tell this story.  Quirky and sweet, but poignant as well.