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Malcolm Gladwell
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Eat, Move, Sleep

Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes - Tom Rath

There are so many health and wellness books published every year, self-help books being number one in books purchased. What made this book different is that the author himself has an incurable disease that few people have, so it is in his best interest to keep researching and to read everything about health and wellness.


Found out some interesting things that I did not know, also reinforced some I did, but  underestimated the importance.  Love how the book was set up and written, very clear, concise in easy to read paragraphs, with a re-cap at the end of each chapter of the most important things one should have gotten from this chapter. Actually went to Trader Joes, stocked up on fruit and veggies, stopped the hubby from putting a chocolate cake in the cart and we parked at the other end of the lot, so we walked a bit  more. As you can see this book has influenced me positively, just hope I wake up tomorrow with the same conviction.