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Malcolm Gladwell
Someone: A Novel
Alice McDermott

The Blue Notebook

The Blue Notebook - James A. Levine

A read that should stir all the reader's feeling and emotions, this is not a book one can finish and feel absolutely nothing. Batuk is nine when she is sold by her father and enters the hungry world of childhood slavery and prostitution. Human trafficking and the trafficking of minor is a huge money generating machine. a practice that in some countries is accepted. The spirit of this young girl is amazing and made this read even harder. 


Not an easy read because of the subject matter, but it is told in such a matter of fact voice, almost like saying, "This is my life, this is where I am and I find joy when I can." The power of the written world, when she found a pencil it was like she had been given a diamond and writing kept her sane. Well written book, with a difficult subject matter but a little girl that I won;t forget.