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The southerners handbook

The Southerner's Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life - Garden and Gun

Jam packed full of all the information anyone could need to identify a Southerner or doe those who just love the wonderful things of the South. Cast iron skillets, gentile manners, mint juleps, cowboy boots and the fine art of horseback riding. So much  more and all come with short little essays letting the reader know how these things came to pass. 


The hunting part, went over my head, not a hunter. Frogging, no thanks. Sweet tea, remember when my kids were younger and on a trip to South Carolina my children discovered sweet tea.  Big hit, had it at every meal for the duration of our trip. Best part for me was the no fail biscuit recipe and the awesome sounding pecan pies. Oh, and I have tried the boiled peanuts, not a fan.  A fun and quick read.