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A Permanent Member of the Family

A Permanent Member of the Family - Russell Banks

Banks is an author I really need to read more of, because in this book of short stories I enjoyed the way he wrote, the way he put together his stories without always having a definitive end yet providing enough information that the reader is able to come to their own conclusion.


These stories are about the people and things that one looses as one goes through life. Sometimes it is not their own fault but they need to find a way forward, regardless. Some readers have found these stories depressing but I found them realistic. Things happen, it is just a fact of life.

The first story in this book, Former Marine, is a story I will not forget and it set the tone for the stories that followed. Also liked Snow Birds, but in truth all of them were immensely readable and I did not actively dislike any. One of my favorite books of short stories that I have read this year, I think this is a collection I will long remember.



ARC from publisher.