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White Fire

White Fire - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

A new Pendergast is a cause for celebrations, he is such a strange and unique character with such an intriguing back story. In this one his back story takes a back seat, so to say, and his protege Corrie, takes a much more active role. 


An old silver mining town, that has now become a very expensive skiing enclave for the very wealthy. An old cemetery, old bones and a very old story Oscar Wilde told Conan Doyle, in the late 1800's when they found themselves in the same place. Now adding Wilde and Doyle certainly made this an even better story, especially when a hunt ensues for a missing Sherlock Holmes story. So the past and the present meet, with a mystery that includes arson, those old bones and present day ancestors with much to hide.


My only little reservation is that I did not really like Corrie very much in this one. Not the mystery or the investigation part, but in the personality department.  Won;t say more on that front. you will have to read this and see what you think. Anyway it was good after the last several books to have Pendergast again doing what he does so well, though I have to admit I did miss Constance.