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The STone Boy

The Stone Boy - Sophie Loubière


One of the better psychologically. twisty books I have read in a while. Takes place in France, when a former school head-mistress returns home after being gone for over 10 yrs. There are little clues, scattered here and there hinting at the reason for her absence and also flashbacks to her childhood. All done externally well.


I think the reason I liked this book so much was because along with the insidious creepiness of this book, it also made one look at a few important questions. Does one believe what they see, what they are told, is the absolute truth? Can facts be interpreted in more than one way? Does all behavior outside the norm have to be classified as a mental illness?


The characters were multifaceted, the book very well written. I never knew how to interpret what I was reading because it was very difficult to figure out what to think and believe. Even at the end, revelations were still being sorted and figured out.


This was a best seller in France, and I can certainly see why. The first time it has been translated into English. I hope the readers here in the States like it as much as I and the French did.