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The All-Girl Filling Station

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion - Fannie Flagg

Sookie has just managed to get all her daughters married and is looking forward to some time for herself, maybe to read a book. I can sympathize. Her mother, who is loosing it mentally, and is a character to boot, has other ideas. Sookie finds out her family history is not what she thought it was and this turns into a sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, quest.


Fannie Flagg has such a great job of detailing her characters lives, making them quirky and amusing, larger than life people. This has several plot twists, adventure , humor and history as we go back in time and meet the  Polish girls who ran the filling station and also flew the skies. Using letters and notes and other literary devices Flagg makes the last third of the book vastly interesting. Although I wished parts of the story, especially in the beginning, moved a little quicker, Flagg's fans won't be disappointed, definitely has the Flag flavor..