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Let him go

Let Him Go: A Novel - Larry Watson

The 1950's and North Dakota, not exactly the days of the old west but much of the attitude and history is still present. A hardy people, hardy stock and hard-working like Margaret and George. Unfortunately in places it is still the old west in that laws don't apply to everyone and fear can still have a huge impact. They take a journey with the hope of retrieving someone that has the utmost of importance, to Margaret more than George. They find more than they anticipated and will never be the same.


This book is a wonder, beautifully written, spare language and in your face confrontations.

It is hard not to be consumed by this novel it is so compelling. How far will we go for family? For justice? What will we sacrifice? All this is answered for Margaret and George and hats off to the author for the ending. Hard yes, real, yes, I can't see it ending any other way. I have already checked out his other two novels, only hope they are as good as this one. Brilliant!