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Before we Met

Before We Met - Lucie Whitehouse I have always thought that the publishing of different genres always comes in waves and am so hoping that the vampire/shape-shifter novels are on there way out. Though I know there are plenty of readers who still like them and after all we who don't (like me) do not have trouble finding something else. Right now it seems as if Historical fiction and since the success of Gone Girl, psychological fiction as well are being published in mass. Since these are my two favorite genres this makes me very happy. This is the first novel I have read by Whitehouse and was amazed at how well the book flowed, perfectly paced with constant revelations that kept the book moving quickly. A marriage that may not be what it seems, secrets of course and a family that is certainly dysfunctional. Although I guessed some if it, there were still a few surprises that I did not. Pleasantly surprised at this good escapist fiction and it was a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday.