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The contemplation of the Forest

The Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin on the Siberian Taiga - Sylvain Tesson, Linda Coverdale

Living for six months. alone in an isolated cabin in the Siberian Taiga, not sure of the location, the intense cold but living and being alone sounds awfully good at times. The author arrives in February and stays until the end of July, so he deals with the intense cold first, but he has brought plenty of supplies, and plenty of reading material. I found is amusing that the only two contemporary authors on his list were James Ellroy and Michael Connelly, he calls them palette cleansers.


The prose and descriptions are amazingly beautiful. I could have picked quotes out on nearly every page. What he see and experiences, he writes down daily in his journal as well as his thoughts and quotes from other sources, books etc. They were wonderful and he experiences something few people ever will. By book end he almost persuaded me that maybe Siberia would be the place to be alone. Not quite though, I am not that brave. 


At the end of his six months these were his thoughts. "I came here without knowing whether I'd find the strength to stay; I leave knowing that I will return. I've discovered that living within silence is rejuvenating. The virginity of time is a treasure. The parade of hours is busier than the plowing through of miles. The eye never tires of splendor. 

The more one knows things, the more beautiful they become."


 Every time I picked up this book to read I felt a calmness and peacefulness,  not many books can do that.