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Toy Time

Toy Time!: From Hula Hoops to He-Man to Hungry Hungry Hippos: A Look Back at the Most- Beloved Toys of Decades Past - Christopher Byrne

This was just a delightful trip through memory lane. Many of the toys I played with as a youth and some that were before me but I had heard of all the same. Also, some my kids played with like the Turtles and the easy bake oven.


Where the idea came from, how and who came up with them, where they are now and how many are no longer made and hard to find. Many will be not surprised to hear that play-doh is as popular today as it was when it first came out. Silly putty, though still made today is made with a different formula, back than I guess they did not care if we were being poisoned, anyway the new formula n longer works on comics.