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No Man's Nightingale

No Man's Nightingale: An Inspector Wexford Novel - Ruth Rendell

For almost fifty years Rendell has been writing her Wexler novels and Inspector Wexler has aged right along with the series. He is now retired, plowing his way through "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire." In this novel it is mentioned that this is the goal of many a retiree, not one of mine, but that Wexler is actually accomplishing this and enjoying it as well. At the end of the novel he is I believe on volume 6.


Although his body has aged, his mind has not and he still finds solving who- done- its vastly interesting and when a killing happens at the church, he finds himself involved. Invited in somewhat by his successor Burden.


I love this series, no I have not read them for fifty years, but for sure the last twenty give or take a few.  I love his bits of humor, his way of seeing things and catching up on the doings in his family. The characters are always a mix, some quirky, some love to lie, a true representation of the people in a city, town or village. I sincerely hope this author continues on with this series because it is one I will sorely miss.