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Havisham - Ronald Frame

I read Great Expectations in high school, which I am sure many of us did, and it is actually do for a re-read, well someday. I do remember Miss Havisham as being a nasty and bitter old biddy.


In this remarkably well written novel, the author tries to enlighten the reader on what made her the mean old character she was. The story starts when she is young, only her father bringing her up, a brewery providing the family fortune. I enjoyed this story, did feel sorry for her in places but always felt she was a bit self centered even young and this did not change as she grew. Does not follow the story-lines of Great Expectations exactly, but follows it's own course to her mental breakdown and instability. Would have like to have had these things explored a little more thoroughly.


I am not a fan of re-told stories, they so often disappoint. The writing is what for me raised this above many of these so called prequels or sequels.


ARC from publisher.