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The Ballad of Jessie Pearl

The Ballad of Jessie Pearl - Shannon Hitchcock

South Caroline in the 1920's, Jessie and her family own and work a tobacco farm. Life is very hard, Jessie is fourteen and her mother has died, but although she is sad the family sticks together and there is alot of love. She has a dream, to finish school and become a schoolteacher, this is what her mother wanted for her as well. Then tuberculosis rears its ugly head and everything changes.


Well written book ,targeted for the young adult and Jessie at fourteen is a very strong and capable young lady. Enjoyed this story about a family facing many hardships but fighting on and always staying together, helping each other when needed. The tuberculosis rate during this time period was rampant, decimating many families and TB sanatoriums were opened with the hope of corralling and stopping the spread of this very contagious disease. Now only one such clinic remains.


This was a story based on the author's own family history and I applaud all the research that went into making this as true as possible.