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The Sleep Room

The Sleep Room - Frank Tallis

I love this author's Liebermann series, so when i saw this stand alone I was excited. An old house turned into a mental institution for those who cannot be helped by other means, a radical new psychiatrist who does not believe in Freud's talking cure, a new therapy involving prolonged sleep and a naive, somewhat new doctor who wants to learn and make a good impression. Of course things are not as simple as they first appear and there are things going on that have no reasonable explanation.



There was much in this novel that I found intriguing, mysteries that I wanted to find out the resolution to and characters that I found interesting. Who was good and who was not or does someone have a hidden agenda? The story was, however, very slowly paced, there seemed to be quite a bit of filler and I felt that it could have benefited by a tighter, shorter story. Even so, it is interesting reading about older therapies and to once again appreciate the time period in which I am living.