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Lies you wanted to Hear

Lies You Wanted to Hear - James Whitfield Thomson

Relationships built on lies, betrayals and secrecy very seldom turn out well and so this proved in the marriage of Matt and Lucy. Going into a relationship with very different reasons, Matt and Lucy are at a disadvantage from the get go, the reader knows this but of course in the novel they do not. Tiny cracks, widen and get deeper as the reader reads their story.



This is a grim, at times depressing viewpoint of marriage. It is, however, a truthful one for some and maybe a warning for others. Very slow to develop, I suppose like real life, the getting to know each other, the discussions of past relationships, etc. but I almost gave up reading this a few times. I kept on and I do applaud the not happily ever after ending. Sometimes things have just gotten so off course it is realistic to expect them to all correct themselves. Also, I disliked both characters at different points so it was more the writing that kept me or the kind of morbid fascination one gets when watching a train wreck. Anyway definitely applaud this author who has published his first novel at the age of sixty seven. We should all be so industrious.