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Mrs. Poe

Mrs. Poe - Lynn Cullen

I have always been intrigued by Poe, his tortured genius, his dark character, the fact that while he was the toast of the town he was always broke and died destitute. Just never seemed fair.


So this book recounts a big time in his life, The raven has been published and he is terribly in fashion, all hostesses want him for their soiree's and though many hate him for his cutting remarks, he is still someone everyone wants to know. This book is easy to read, but so many of the ideas presented I had trouble believing.  For some reason I never felt these characters in depth, but the events and conversations featuring Poe were definitely this author's strength. I did get a more than a surface feel of Poe but he was the only one. I had a hard time buying many of this author's assertions. 


My favorite parts where when poetry was discussed, the poems related and it is here that I found the dialogue most stimulating. This was a quick and easy read, just expected a bit more.