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Home Fires

Home Fires - Elizabeth Day

Judith is a young girl when her father returns from the war, a man much changed, prone to fits of anger and despair. A father Judith no longer knows and a father of whom she is scared.


We again meet Judith years later as an old woman whose mind is being taken over by Alzheimer, and we travel with her as she sees things through a different and corrosive lens of this disease.


Andrew and Caroline have only had one son, a son who is declared dead after his first posting in the army.


All these events connect in this intense but gently told story. The effects of shell shock on our veterans throughout the years and all the wars. One of the most poignant and powerful rendering of a mother's grief at the loss of her son. A travel through the mind of Alzheimers and a frightening look at the confusion and forgetfulness of the sufferer. An intense look at the effects of war on all involved. Yet life must go on for the living and these characters must find a way to do just that.

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