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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

What a wonderful and poignant look at a first love. Rowell captures perfectly all the doubts, uncertainties, confusion and yearning of ones first serious relationship.

Eleanor has a terrible home life and so many times I just wanted to give her a hug, she is so gawky, a misfit in a new school, I so sympathized with her. Park wishes he had a better relationship with his Dad and that his Mom would like Elanor more. They meet on the school bus and from there a relationship develops.



This was the book I chose to read for banned book month because they were trying to ban this book in the South. Yes, it has some swearing in it but really nothing else that I could see that was objectionable. Just a book about teenagers, many being their own cruel selves and some just trying to find their own place in life. Apparently vampires sucking blood, and werewolves and zombie sucking brains are all okay but a novel that is real and about life is not. Go figure.


Loved every minute of this book and will miss Eleanor and Park.