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Your food is fooling you

Your Food Is Fooling You: How Your Brain Is Hijacked by Sugar, Fat, and Salt - David A. Kessler

I think most people who live in the United States have heard about the high percentage of our population who are either over-weight or obese. What I never realized is that this is somewhat recent, in the last thirty years and the introduction of the processed food market. We all know junk food and fast food is not good for us but until I read this I never realized the extent of the food's industry efforts to use food to addict the public. Salt, sugar, fat are in even the most innocuous of items and in larger and larger amounts that our taste buds quickly respond to and this than becomes the standard and what we crave.


Even our brain changes, releasing more dopamine, the feel good chemical and we so like the feeling it becomes another reason we crave things. Memories of course, our comfort foods that are no longer god for us because they are nor prepared the same way. The biggest shocker for me was that at Chili's when I though eating a grilled chicken breast was a healthy alternative, it was anything but. Apparently they soak their chicken breasts in a salt, sugar, herb mixture and than they are packaged and delivered to their many restaurants. Apparently when one eats at a restaurant that does not prepare all their food fresh and on site one never knows what they are eating.


This was a shorter book I think aimed at the young adult group, but I found it very informative and somewhat shocking.