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The Paris Architect

The Paris Architect - Charles Belfoure

When this story begins Lucien is on his way to what he thinks will be an architecture job, one that will be prominent enough to enhance his reputation for the future. The Nazi's have taken control of Paris, Jews are being rounded up and sent to the camps, there are food shortages, ordinary Parisians are in fear of their lives and co-operate with the Germans superficially, while secretly hating them and what they stand for. The beginning was strong, the discussion and details of architecture are impeccable and any conversations having to do with these subjects are natural. The author is an architect so this is as to be expected.


The characters though are for the most part not likable or I just could not relate to them in a way that made me really care what happened to them. Lucien's mistress and anything to do with her I dislike immensely and wished it had not been part of the story. The prose itself, except for the aforementioned parts  is just okay, uneven at times, almost awkward at others.  Wanted to like this more than I did but felt it was worth reading if just for the detailed descriptions of architecture, that part was most interesting.


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