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All the Truth that's in me

All the Truth That's in Me - Julie Berry

Strange, original, compelling and intense, I found this book, said to YA, very addicting. Second person narrative, shortish comments and thoughts and yet wonderful. The book does actually name a time period,  but it has the tone of The Scarlet Letter, also women called Goody and the stocks for punishment, so this novel is set in the very judgmental Puritan times.


Judith is a wonderful character, a strong young woman with an unquenchable spirit.  While reading this I often thought I knew what was going on, but I was only partly right, there were still surprises to be found. An interesting story, told about a very hypocritical time, a time that did not favor women or for that matter anyone that was different. Judith is different but not because of her own actions but because of what she has suffered. 


There was a bit of melodrama to the ending, but due to the target audience of this book it was very fitting. All is answered and all is explained. Sometimes having a voice is a very important asset and I loved how this author used hers in writing this novel.